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Cork as a Sustainable Building Material - Thermacork

Eco Supply offers a registered AIA CES presentation about cork insulation and facade.


Credit: 1 AIA LU/HSW
Course #: ESC002
AIA Member #: 38836605
Provider: Eco Supply

Course Description

Learn how cork insulation came to be, and the history of its use in building from the 19th & 20th centuries to present day. This course will review the environmental benefits, the energy and performance benefits, and the extremely broad range of applications for cork in modern building design.

Learning Objectives

Sustainability: Learn the environmental benefits of using cork as a carbon negative building material through the processes of farming/biodiversity, harvesting, production, and shipping.

Range of Applications: Learn the broad range of applications for cork materials in modern building through images and case studies; as well as the different types and forms in which cork is available.

Performance: Learn the performance benefits of cork in terms of energy savings, thermal delay, air quality, and durability.

Acoustics: Learn the benefits of using cork for sound attenuation.

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