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Air Tightness & Moisture Management - Strategies in High Performance Building Envelopes

Eco Supply offers a registered AIA CEU presentation about Air Tightness & Moisture Management.

Learning Units: 1 HSW|LU

Course Number: 401076061002

AIA Member Number: 40107606

Course Description: In residential and commercial buildings, a well designed and executed, high performance, continuously sealed envelope contributes to low energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. It increases both occupant comfort and most importantly the building’s long term durability. “Air Tightness & Moisture Management – Strategies in High Performance Building Envelopes,” is a fresh look at the features of resilient and efficient envelope design that examines the key layers that comprise the fabric of the building, and how a well-planned weather, air, and vapor sealing strategy avoids risk and saves money. Participants will be engaged in a discussion and a hands-on envelope detailing workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Building science fundamentals and the environmental impacts that affect building performance
  • Building envelope key components & terms
  • The importantance of a continuous weather & air tightness layer(s)
  • Strategies to avoid risk from design to implementation

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